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Wilo Drain TMW 32
Wilo Drain TMW 32

Product Picture


  • Submersible drain pump


  • For pumping clear or slightly muddy water
  • From tanks, sumps or pits
  • For overflows and flooding
  • For draining basement stairways and basement areas


The TMR is suited for lowering the water level to a remaining level of 2 mm.


The service life of submersible pumps, which are used in pump sumps and through which washing machine water, 
soapy water from basins and showers, or other mixtures flow, is considerably reduced by settling sediment. 
Such sediment can form deposits in the pump sump, resulting in the accumulation of mud and odours.

Wilo-Drain TMW 32 has a turbulator that prevents the build-up of sediment, expelling it together with the fluid.
 This reduces costs and the time needed for regular cleaning of the sump. In addition, problems associated with 
mud removal and the observance of occupational safety hygiene regulations during cleaning of the pump sump are minimized.

Special features / product benefits

  • Constantly clean pump sump due to patented integrated turbulator (TMW)
  • Minimal residual water level of 2 mm (TMR)
  • For aggressive fluids (HD version)
  • With float switch (A version)
  • Incl. hose connection and 10 m cable

Technical data

  • Flow: upto 16 m3 /hr
  • Head: upto 11 m
  • Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Submersion depth max. 3 m
  • Fluid temperature 3 - 35 °C, max. 90 °C for short periods up to 3 min.
  • Cable length 3 to 10 m, depending on type
  • Free ball passage 10 mm (TMR: 2 mm)
  • Pressure port Rp 1 ¼