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VR HVAC Controller
VR HVAC Controller

Product Picture


Variable speed Pump Control unit for HVAC System.

Wilo-Mather and Platt Pumps Limited, VR HVAC Controller is specially designed for automatic control of pumps in heating,
 ventilation and air conditioning applications. The VR HVAC controller is used along with variable frequency drives and
 differential  transmitter to control the differential pressure in a system as a function of the load. VR HAVC controller
 offers a simplified control and ease of operation. The VR HVAC Controller operates the pumps to meet the changing system 
demand received by the sensors by varying the speed of the pumps to meet the system requirements and resulting in energy saving operation.


  • HVAC Controller

Special features / product benefits

  • Encl with or without provision for VFD
  • Communication ports to receive data from Variable frequency drive

Technical data

  • Wall Mounted/Floor Mounted Enclosure.
  • Internal Circuit breaker with door interlock.
  • System can control 1-4 pumps max.
  • Automatic pump alteration.
  • Duty and standby selection of the pump.
  • Microprocessor based pump logic controller with built in PID
  • Control Modes Delta PC and Delta PV
  • Embedded logic to prevent pump hunting, pump flow surges and motor overheating
  • LCD with Back-lit Display
  • On screen menu driven functions with rotary switch
  • Emergency operation mode
  • Password protection for security
  • Alarm and fault data login
  • Common failure and operation relays
  • Remote start/stop mode
  • Analogue inputs for Remote set point
  • Each Pump operational data
  • Size (in mm) : 500 h x 500 w x 250 d
  • Approximate Weight : 30Kgs