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CC HVAC Controller
CC HVAC Controller

Product Picture


Variable speed Pump Control unit for HVAC System.
Wilo-Mather and Platt Pumps Limited CCS HVAC (Comfort Controller HVAC) controller is based on state-of-the-art-technology with flexibility to meet the current and future customer requirements. The CCS HVAC Controller is specially designed for automatic control for pumps in parallel, integrated with Variable frequency drives in duty as well stand by operation in heating ventilation and air conditioning application. The CCS HVAC controller is equipped with a multi color, wide screen, user friendly touch screen with HMI (Human machine interface) which offers a very simplified control and input unit, menu navigation for easy operation and control.
The CCS HVAC Controller operates the pumps to meet the changing system demand received by the sensors by varying the speed of the pumps to meet the system requirement and resulting in energy saving operation.


Special features / product benefits

Encl with or without provision for VFD
BACNET, Ethernet TCP/IP and other communications protocol modules on request
Technical data

Wall Mounted/Floor Mounted Enclosure
Internal Circuit breaker with door interlock
System can control 1 - 6 pumps, extendable up to 8 Pumps
Microprocessor based pump logic controller.In built PID with auto/manual tuning
Embedded logic to prevent pump hunting, pump flow surges and motor overheating
Multi color, wide screen (5.6”), High resolution HMI with 24VDC
power supply
On screen menu driven functions
Manual and Automatic System control (Man-off-Auto)
Multi level user password security
Alpha Numerical Alarm and Fault data login
Remote start/stop mode
Real time Clock
End of curve protection
3 Different set points
Each Pump operational data
Remote set point
Set value VS process value Graph
Sensor operation mode selection i.e. Max, Min, Avg, or Most deviated
Communication ports RS232, 2xRS 485, 2xUSB
Each VFD data read out on screen
Supports Mod Bus RTU Protocol
Controllers available with VFD’s, with/without bypass starter and single/multiple DPT’s. VFD inside the enclosure with/without bypass starter and single/multiple DPT’s.
Analogue inputs for Remote set point, Differential pressure sensors and flow
Customised panels on request.
Size( in mm) : 500 h x 500 w x 250 d
Approximate Weight : 30Kgs